24x36 SMD Promotion WFG-2436BBW.jpg
WFG Promotional Plaques

WFG Laser Engraved Senior Marketing Director Promotion Plaque (Item# WFG-2436BBW) WFG Logo



  • Size:  24  x 36

  • Special Double Layered Laser Engraved Plaque

  • Logo (Top): WFG

  • Logo (Bottom): A Transamerica Company 

  • Solid Black Plaque, Black Plate, Reflective Gold Border

  • Elegant wall stud on border

  • Personalize Name, Date, Location, Team Name

  • NOTE**: We do not ship these plaques with the sizes of 24" x 36". Sorry for the inconvenience. It is only available for local delivery or store pick up.

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24x36 SMD Promotion WFG-2436BBW.jpg