About Award Art Inc.


Award Art was founded under the principle that recognizing someone for their achievements and successes is a form of empowerment and encouragement to its recipient. We believe each of our awards, whether it be a small medal or an extravagant trophy cup, symbolize the recognition of something special and distinguished. We believe that each award given is important to the recipient, and helps to build stronger relationships between people within their community. That is why all our products are assembled with the greatest of care, to ensure the best quality of the awards. Our name, Award Art, symbolizes that each award is like its own art masterpiece, and that it will bring joy and pride to each individual who gazes on the magnificent “artwork” that is our awards.

Award Art was founded in the Bay Area of Northern California, and we believe we have an obligation to recognize the achievements of our community. Being part of the Chinese American community, we also take great pride in acknowledging their accomplishments. We specialize in Chinese character engravings and offer many bilingual options to our customers. We also offer a vast range of products for you to choose from at low prices and assure a high quality of service and production.

The art of awards and recognition is something we have perfected, and we would like to encourage you to explore our many products or to come to our showroom during office hours.

Monday to Friday 
from 9:00a.m. to 5:00 p.m.